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Making Pro Plugins

Learn How to Launch and Run a WordPress Plugin Business

Within 4 hours, you'll have everything you need to set up, launch and run your WordPress plugin business

Go through all the steps to launch your WordPress plugin business and get your first sale.

I've spent the last 2 years learning everything I can, finally growing my WordPress plugin sales to thousands per month on the side.

You'll get over any fears you have about launching your plugin, how to maintain it without a lot of time, and how to grow your customer base.

It's the course I wish I'd had.







Each video breaks down a step in launching, maintaining and growing your plugin business so you can easily refer back to them in the future.

Course Outline

Learn what I've picked up from selling pro plugins for the last two years, and from speaking one-on-one with countless plugin authors.


Module 1
Getting Started

Get over your fears and solidify your plugin idea.


#1 Introduction 3:28

Fears & Pitfalls

#2 Fears & Pitfalls 8:02

Coming Up With an Idea

#3 Coming Up With an Idea 2:43

Module 2
Preparing and Launching the Pro Version

By the end the premium plugin will be launched, for only the cost of hosting a WordPress site ($4/mo for the first 3 months with a discount)

#4 Considerations 2:33

#5 Pricing 5:26

#6 Deciding on a Platform 10:49

#7 Preparing the Plugin File 3:07

#8 Installing and Configuring EDD 16:12

#9 Creating a Basic Landing Page Site 18:10

#10 Protecting the Download Files 1:59

#11 Terms and Conditions 2:05

#12 Additional Payment Gateways 3:25

#13 Getting a Cha-ching Notification for a New Sale 1:57

#14 Avoiding Caching Issues 1:18

#15 Summary (You're Launched!) 0:20

Module 3
Adding Software Licensing and Automatic Updates

Once you get some sales, make things easier for you and your pro customers with automatic updates and license keys.


#16 Introduction 1:21

#17 Configuring Software Licensing on the Site 9:19

#18 Adding Software Licensing to the Plugin 24:06

#19 Checking the License Periodically 3:57

#20 Restricting Plugin Features Based on Pricing 4:12

#21 What To Do When the License Expires 2:37

Module 4
Preparing and Launching the Free Version

Avoid most issues with hosting in the free plugin directory, and get a free version released as a way to drive quality traffic to your pro plugin site.

#22 Why Release a Free Version 2:00

#23 Pitfalls and Considerations 7:40

#24 Deciding on Free vs. Pro Features 3:14

#25 Deciding on Structure of the Free and Pro Code 3:11

#26 Creating the Free Version 17:40

#27 Creating and Making the Most Out of the readme.txt 5:35

#28 Releasing the Free Version 4:42

Module 5
Keeping the Plugins Up to Date

Streamline the process of maintaining and releasing new versions of your free and pro plugins

#29 Setting up git with SVN (Free Version) 6:15

#30 Releasing a New Free Version 3:46

#31 Updating the Free Version readme.txt Only 1:13

#32 Releasing a New Pro Version 6:15

Module 6
Getting More Paying Customers

Go through and set up ways to funnel people to your plugin website and convert them into customers

#33 Driving Traffic from Free to Pro 3:17

#34 Sending an Discount Link on MailChimp List Signup 8:18

#35 Creating a Demo Video 3:11

#36 Documentation as Content Marketing 2:07

#37 Tracking Campaigns 2:15

#38 Affiliate Marketing 3:33


#39 Summary 1:46

Module 7
Handling Support

Set up a proper support system for your plugin to keep you and your customers happy

#40 Handling Support Requests 3:46

#41 Hiring Support Help 2:14

Bonus: Interviews with Popular Plugin Authors

Hear from some successful, experienced pro plugin creators on launching and growing their plugins, including lots of tips for those just starting out!

Almost 3 hours of interviews total.

Dale Mugford, WPtouch (over 10M downloads)

John Turner, SeedProd (2M downloads)

Justin Ferriman, LearnDash (Successful w/ no free version!)

Phil Derksen, Moonstone Media (2M downloads)

Robby McCullough, Beaver Builder (almost 1M in < 1 year!)

Access to Discounts on Hosting and Plugins

Get access to some exclusive discounts as part of the course

Easy Digital Downloads
20% off all add-ons, including software licensing and payment gateways like Stripe
Beaver Builder
$10 off their plugin or plugin + theme
20% off their Ultimate Coming Soon or Notification Top Bar plugin, great for pre-launch or promoting discounts
20% off their Easy Pricing Tables plugin, for displaying a pricing table that converts
20% off their plugin, great for quickly adding a Stripe checkout for consulting or customization of your plugin

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Frequently Asked Questions

I never got my welcome email, how do I access the course?

Just log in to your account using the email address you used to purchase.  There's also a forgot password link if you need to reset your password.

How do I watch the course?

Once you sign up you'll get instant access to the course area, where you can stream the videos and see any notes or code associated with it.  If you buy the Growth Package you'll also be able to download the videos for offline viewing.  All the videos were professionally recorded with a fancy mic so it sounds great!

Can't I just learn all this stuff for free?

You can definitely get a lot of it by searching the internet!  This course is just a much faster way to learn, and a lot of what I've learned has been from my own experience and through countless conversations with plugin authors over the last 2-3 years.

Do I need to have a plugin ready for release?

No, but if you do you can go through all the content right away!  Otherwise you can look over the content (including a video on coming up with an idea if you don't have one already), then refer back to it when your plugin is ready.

Are you guaranteeing I'll make lots of monays launching a plugin?

Definitely not.  If you're looking for something short-term, you're better off doing some freelance work.  It can take time for a plugin to start to build traction, but you'll never build that traction and start getting sales until you release it!

Is this course only for WordPress plugin developers?

If you're not a developer, certain videos and content would be skipped - such as adding the software licensing code into the plugin.  You can learn from the business content, and have your developer watch the rest!

Do I need to buy a bunch of plugins to be able to launch my plugin?

Nope!  While there are plugins I recommend and go through as part of the course, you can launch your plugin with nothing more than WordPress hosting for your plugin website (or even skip this and launch your free version first if you prefer).  And I have a whole page of discounts and special offers to course members for both hosting and plugins.  As you start making sales, you can go back and add things into your plugin and website to make things easier for you and your customers.

How can I pay for the course?

Either by PayPal or Stripe (Credit Card).  If these don't work for you, let me know and we can figure something out!

Do I get updates?

Yes, and for life!

Can I upgrade?

You can upgrade at any time, but you may pay a bit more if you buy during launch and upgrade later when the price has gone up.

What's the refund policy?

While I can't guarantee you'll make a ton of money selling plugins (especially short term), I want you to be happy with the course.  If the course didn't get you closer to launching and growing your plugin(s) let me know where it left you hanging within 30 days and I'll refund you in full.

I have another question!

No problem, just email me at!

While this course is new, here's some nice things people have said about my other course "Working with JavaScript and WordPress"

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